Gates & Automation

We manufacture, install and automate a wide array of different gates that can be tailor made to suit both your personal taste and the physical limitations of your property. All our gates, whether it be swinging gates or sliding gates can be automated so that with a simple push of a button you have access to your property.

Tubular Fencing

Our tubular fencing panels are fully customisable, with a variety of decorative tops, profiles and configurations theres a style sure to suit your taste aswell as your home.

Slat Screen Fencing

Our slat screen fence panels are made out of real steel and are designed for privacy and longevity while still being a beautiful way to keep your perimeter safe.

Blade Fencing

Blade fencing has become the premiere option for those seeking to update or build a fencing solution. Not only does it provide a dimensional look to both gates and home perimeters, but also does well to grant privacy while maintaining a very high security factor.

Security Fencing

Our security fencing panels are ideal for commercial and industrial application. Designed to keep any unwanted guests out and keep your site or property safe.

Steel Picket Fencing

If your after that classic look of a picket fence, think steel. With a vairous range of decorative tops and differing profiles, timber becomes obsolete, our steel picket fences dont weather and deteriorate like timber inevitably will.

Something Special

If you have something a little different, or even completely custom in mind we are happy to sit down with you and figure out how we can turn your idea into a reality.